Individuals who wish to be PEPP CCs must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a physician (MD or DO), registered nurse, pediatric nurse practitioner, physician assistant, paramedic, or EMT
  • Have EMS teaching experience or experience in coordinating another nationally recognized standardized course for teaching prehospital personnel
  • Successfully complete the PEPP provider course at the level for which they wish to conduct courses
  • Submit an application electronically to the AAP for approval before completing the online self-study orientation
  • Complete the online self-study orientation provided by the AAP
  • Be knowledgeable of the most current PEPP Course material and administrative policies

After a person meets all of the requirements to become a PEPP CC, his or her status as a CC is valid for 2 years. To renew PEPP CC status, PEPP CCs must be involved in teaching at least two PEPP Courses within their 2-year active period. This involvement can be either as a CC or as Faculty.

Application for PEPP Course Coordinator Status

NOTE: You must use the same username and password for ALL PEPP online activities, including the Precourse work, Application for PEPP Course Coordinator Status, and Course Coordinator Online Orientation. If you do not use the same username and password, your activities will not be tracked and you may be required to complete an activity twice.

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